Recent news

Memorial Park

Members of council and residents are working on the construction of a memorial park at the west end of the municipality which will include the installation of a cenotaph, benches, etc.

With the support of St. Paul’s United Church Committee, the bell from the former St. Paul’s United Church will also be part of this commemorative park. 

If anyone have ideas, suggestions for a name for this site, please do not hesitate to contact us at the municipal office 684-7850.

The Charlo Fire Department

The Charlo Fire Department is proud to announce that there is a new addition to its fleet.  A used pickup truck was purchased this fall with funds raised through the half-and-half lottery.  Volunteer firefighters will no longer need to rely on using personal vehicles for fire and rescue purposes.  From transporting fire department personnel and hauling equipment, to towing the rescue boat and responding to off-road incidents, this utility truck will come in very handy.  A special thanks is extended to Lounsbury Co. Ltd, Dalhousie for funding the truck lettering and logos.

Very Important- What can I do to prevent sewer backups?

Be careful in what you put in the sewer.  Several items that should not be put into your sewer system are paper towels, diapers, baby wipes, mop heads, grease, rags, sanitary napkins and any item that will not dissolve.

Heron’s Nest Cottages Bistro Pub

The Village of Charlo is very happy to inform you that the Heron’s Nest Cottages Bistro Pub is now open. Come in to try out our cappuccinos and lattes!! We have a selection of over 20 maritime microbrewery beers and selected imported beers from Belgium, Germany, Czech Republic and the UK. We also carry 2 different white and 2 different red wines per month. Opening Hours from 8am to 3pm Monday to Wednesday, 8a.m. to 10p.m. Thursday and Friday and 9a.m. to 10p.m. on Saturdays. Congratulations and Best of Luck!!!

2011 Citizen of the Year

Donald McIntyre was honored as Charlo’s 2011 Citizen of the Year at the Official Opening of the 38th Charlo Fall Fair. Donald has been recognised for being a volunteer firefighter for 45 years and to this day still active in the department, a photographer for special municipal events, a volunteered citizen in many organisations and various fund raising events.


To report cases of illegal dumping in New Brunswick, people can contact either their local office of the Department of Environment; Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477); or the New Brunswick Solid Waste Association at its toll-free number, 1-877-777-4218, or by sending an e-mail to For information on the proper disposal of solid waste, people can contact their regional solid waste commission. For more information about these commissions, people can visit the New Brunswick Solid Waste Association website at

NB Trails

Please note that interesting projects are in the works for our Charlo Trails. Shelters and benches will be built. To do this, we need YOU!! Beginning of June, we will be looking for volunteers to build these shelters and benches. For more information, call Joanne Mercier at 684-3719

Académie Notre-Dame School maintains high standards!

For decades, students from the Charlo area have been attending the Académie Notre-Dame School. We wish to share our most recent accomplishments. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated. Did you know… *The Académie Notre-Dame School achieves above standard results on provincial evaluations from the Department of Education. Our school consistently maintains a score above the provincial average. *In the last ten years or so, our school has been awarded projects in the Génie-Art program where artists share their talent and expertise. This year, grade 2 students have had the privilege to work with the very talented sculptor, Derek Letourneau. *This year, we received a grant from the Department of Education which enables us to participate in the project ‘’One school, one artist’’ Many students work with Florian Levesque, story teller and author, in order to create a story about the Acadian pirates. *The school offers since 2004 an initiation to the French language program for exogamic families (one parent is francophone and the other of another language). Students are offered the services of a French teacher and a language monitor. In addition, four meetings are offered to the families and students throughout the school year in order to share the joy of learning together. *In 2008, our school received an award from the Province of NB for its environmental project:’’Sauver la Terre, j’apprends à le faire!’’ (Save the Earth, I can learn to do it!) Since then a composting program is in effect. *Plans are being set with School District 5 for a day care service to be offered in September 2011. *The Department of Education proposed a help to read program in 2009. Our school was chosen to pilot the project. Since then this literacy program operates throughout the year with the collaboration of many volunteers from the community. *During the school year, we offer workshops to parents of students from kindergarten to grade 2 to help them accompany their child in the learning to read process. *We are planning a daily physical education period for all our students in the next school year.

Village of Charlo has approved

The municipal council for the Village of Charlo has approved the 2011 General Operating Fund Budget and the 2011 Water and Sewer Utility Operating Fund Budget during a special meeting which was held on December 20th, 2010. The total budget for the General Operating Fund is $ 1,487,282 Non Tax Revenue of $ 353,648 and Unconditional Grant of $ 217,611 leaving a Warrant to be raised by a local Rate of $ 916,023 The Municipal Council is please to announce that the tax rate will remain at $1.3956 per $100.00 of evaluation. The total budget for the Water and Sewer Utility Operating Fund is $ 198,580 with revenues from own and other sources of $ 22,500 leaving a Net Budget to be raised from user charges of $176,080. The rates will remain at $180.00 for water and $180.00 for sewerage services. We would like to remind you that once again this year, a 5% (five percent) discount on water and sewage rates may be realized if your account for the full year (2011) is paid prior to March 1st, 2011.